Living Guidebook for Foreign Citizens in Mito 2023

Living Guidebook for Foreign Citizens in Mito 2023

This is the guidebook of daily life for foreign residents living in Mito City.


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Some of the websites you want to see are translated using the translation service of another site. In such a case, the translation may not be always correct.

No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
1-1 How to call 119
1-2 A guide for ambulance services
1-3 Emergency call 110 for crime or accident
1-4 The time to call 110
1-5 Our Family’s Disaster Prevention Notes
1-6 Mito Earthquake Disaster Prevention Map
1-7 List of Shelters/Evacuation Centers
1-8 Mito City Hazard Map
1-9 About Weather Warning Level
1-10 Handbook on Nuclear Power
1-11 Mito City
1-12 Japan Meteorological Agency
1-13 NHK World-Japan
1-14 Yahoo! Japan Disaster Alert
1-15 Mito City Email Newsletter (Disaster prevention email)
1-16 NTT East “Disaster Emergency Message Dial 171”
1-17 NTT East “Disaster Message Board web171”
Medical and Health Care
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
2-1 Ibaraki Emergency Medical Information System
2-2 Multi-cultural Coexistence Supporters’ Bank (多文化共生サポーターバンクTabunka kyosei supporter bank
2-3 Mito City Holidays and Nights Urgent Care
2-4 Ibaraki Children’s Hospital
2-5 Kodomo QQ
2-6 National Health Insurance
2-7 Health Check-up and Cancer Screening for Adults
Resident Registration, etc.
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
3-1 Residence Card
3-2 Resident registration
3-3 Family Register
3-4 My Number (Individual Number)
3-5 Individual Number Card comprehensive site
3-6 Seal
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
4-1 Income Tax
4-2 Taxes
4-3 Consumption Tax
4-4 Vehicle tax
Pregnancy/Childbirth and Child-rearing
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
5-1 Maternal and Child Health Handbook
5-2 Pregnant and postnatal woman’s health care
5-3 Prenatal dental care
5-4 Childbirth preparation class
5-5 Smile Mom Mito
5-6 Medical expense support system for pregnant women
5-7 Childbirth and Childcare Lump-Sum Allowance
5-8 1st infant health check-up
5-9 7 months old childcare consultation
5-10 1yr 6mos old health check-up
5-11 2yrs old dental health check-up
5-12 3yrs old health check-up
5-13 Vaccination(Hib)
5-14 Vaccination(PCV)
5-15 Vaccination(Hepatitis B)
5-16 Vaccination(BCG)
5-17 Vaccination(4 combination vaccines)
5-18 Vaccination(2 combination vaccines)
5-19 Vaccination(Chickenpox)
5-20 Vaccination(Measles and Rubella)
5-21 Vaccination(Japanese encephalitis)
5-22 Vaccination(HPV)
5-23 Vaccination(Rotavirus)
5-24 Vaccination(Mumps)
5-25 Vaccination(Children’s flu)
5-26 Medical expense support system for children
5-27 Child allowance
5-28 Comprehensive guidebook on child-rearing support
5-29 Child-rearing support counselor
5-30 Childcare Support and Multigenerational Exchange Center
5-31 Childcare Counseling Room
5-32 Medaka Class
5-33 Try ! Weaning Food Class
5-34 Nursery school
5-35 Kindergarten
5-36 Integrated facility of Kindergarten and Nursery School
5-37 Temporary childcare (nursery school,integrated facilities of kindergarten and nursery school
5-38 Temporary childcare (Wan Park Mito, Humming Park Mito, Smile Kids)
5-39 Mito City Support Center for Child Development “Sukusuku Mito”
5-40 Special Child Development’s Allowance
5-41 Children’s Disability Welfare Allowance
5-42 Physical&Mental Disability Welfare Allowance
5-43 Child Rearing Allowance
5-44 Orphan’s Allowance
5-45 Medical Expense Support System for Single Parent Family
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
6-1 List of elementary and junior high schools
6-2 Mito City School Districts search
6-3 Special Support School
6-4 School Expenses Support System
6-5 List of High Schools in Ibaraki
6-6 List of Universities in Ibaraki
6-7 List of Japanese language schools in Mito
6-8 List of Mito International Center Japanese Classes
6-9 Japanese Classes in Ibaraki
Pension and Welfare
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
7-1 Pension
7-2 Outline of Japanese National Pension System
7-3 Lump-sum withdrawal payment
7-4 Social Security Agreement
7-5 Nursing-care insurance system
7-6 Physical disability certificate
7-7 Medical rehabilitation certificate
7-8 Mental disability certificate
7-9 Welfare for the disabled
7-10 Medical expense support system for those with severe mental/physical disability(Marufuku)
7-11 About public assistance
7-12 Public Assistance System
Housing and Community
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
8-1 Apartment Search Guidebook
8-2 Ibaraki Housing Management Center
8-3 Ibaraki Prefecture “Public Housing”
8-4 Public Housing
8-5 Start, termination and change of water use
8-6 NHK “Reception Fee”
8-7 Ibaraki Shinbun
8-8 The japan times/The New York Times
8-9 Chinese Economic Newspaper
8-10 How to dispose of garbage
8-11 Neighborhood association
8-12 List of Shimin centers
8-13 To pet owners
8-14 To dog owners
8-15 To cat owners
8-16 Find Post Offices
8-17 Japan Post Co., Ltd.
8-18 Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
8-19 Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
8-20 List of police boxes and residential police boxes
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
9-1 Japan’s Traffic Rulesル
9-2 Wearing a child seat
9-3 How to drive in Japan with an international driving license acquired abroad
9-4 Transfer of Foreign Driving License to Japanese one
9-5 Comprehensive Safety Information for Automobiles
9-6 Application for Parking Space Certificate
9-7 Five Rules for Bicycle Safety
9-8 How to use parking for bicycles
9-9 No bicycle parking zones
9-10 JR East Japan Railway Company
9-11 Railway Lines Network
9-12 Ibaraki Kotsu Co., Ltd.
9-13 Kanto Railway Co., Ltd.
9-14 Kantetsu Green Bus Co., Ltd.
9-15 Bus Route Map (starting from Mito Station)
9-16 Bus Route Map (starting from Akatsuka Station)
9-17 Ibaraki Kotsu Co., Ltd. Highway Bus
9-18 Kanto Railway Co., Ltd. Highway Bus
9-19 JR Bus Kanto Highway Bus
9-20 Ibaraki Airport
About Mito City
No. Website name JPN ENG CHI KOR
10-1 About Outlines of Mito City
10-2 Kairakuen
10-3 Kodokan
10-4 Mito Tourism and Convention Association
10-5 Art Tower Mito
10-5-1 Mito City Civic Center
10-6 Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History
10-7 The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki
10-8 Mito City Hall
10-9 Ibaraki Prefectural Office
10-10 Mito Tax Office
10-11 Mito Prefectural Tax Office
10-12 Mito International Center
10-13 Ibaraki International Association
10-14 Passport Center
10-15 Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau Mito Branch Office
10-16 The Hirosawa City Kaikan (Cultural Center for Citizens of Ibaraki)
10-17 Mito City Museum
10-18 Prefecture’s Lifelong Learning Center, Mito
10-19 Ibaraki Prefectural Library
10-20 Mito City Library
10-21 City Facilities
10-22 Horihara Sports Park
10-23 Mito City Public Health Center
10-24 Childcare Support and Multigenerational Exchange Center
10-25 Mitominami Branch Office
10-26 Mitokita Branch Office
10-27 Ibaraki Prefectural Police
10-28 Ibaraki Prefectural Police Driver’s License Center
10-29 Mito Police Station
10-30 Mito District Court
10-31 Mito Summary Court
10-32 Mito Family Court
10-33 Mito District Legal Affairs Bureau
10-34 Mito Joint Notary Public’s Office
10-35 Mito Central Post Office
10-36 Mito Station
10-37 Akatsuka Station
10-38 Uchihara Station
10-39 Kashima Rinkai Tetsudo(Oarai Kashima Line)
10-40 Consultation Center for Foreigners
10-41 Hello Work Mito
10-42 Ibaraki Foreign Worker Support Center
10-43 Ibaraki Labor Bureau Advisory Service for Foreign Workers (telephone appointment needed)  
10-44 Child Hotline (for kids only)
10-45 Ibaraki Central Child Consultation Center
10-46 Ibaraki Child Abuse Hotline
10-47 Child Consultation Room
10-48 Child Development Support Center Sukusuku Mito
10-49 Mito Educational Research Center Bullying and juvenile consultation
10-50 Mito City Spousal Violence Counseling and Support Center
10-51 Ibaraki Prefectural Police HQ Telephone consultation service for women
10-52 Ibaraki Inochi No Denwa (telephone counselling service)

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