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Let’s study Japanese!

Those who study Japanese for the first time, or do not know Hiragana
<Pre-beginners Class>

Those who have studied Japanese, or understand Hiragana
<Japanese Language Class run by citizen volunteers>へ

Pre-beginners Class

★This is the class for those who study Japanese for the first time.
★Teachers are all Japanese language professionals.
★Those who wish to study Hiragana can also attended the class.

◆Lesson dates are already set. For details, please see below:
  → For Learners (in Easy Japanese / English / Chinese)
  → About Class Overview (in Japanese)

Japanese Language Class run by citizen volunteers

At the Mito International Center, five Japanese language classes are operated by different voluntary groups.
★Teachers are volunteers.
★You can attend lessons anytime you wish.
★Class spans all levels, available for beginners to advanced learners.
 ※Those who do not understand Hiragana should start with the Pre-beginners Class.
★You can make friends in class.

Information from Japanese Language Classes and Schedules⇒Information

◆pictures of Japanese classes◆
Day The Name of Group Time The Level
of the Class
(Per Class)
Tue Orbis

10:00 a.m.
~12:00 p.m.
Beginner, Intermediate,Conversation, Hiragana, Kanji

Wed Friendly Neighborhood Beginner, Intermediate,Upper Intermediate
MESA Friendship Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Simple Daily Conversation
Thu Sofia Beginner, Beginner’s Intermediate
Fri MESA Friendship Beginner, Intermediate,Upper Intermediate
Sat L'avenir Beginner, Intermediate,


※If you plan to attend any of the classes for the first time, please let us know in advance. We recommend that your first visit should be made at 9:45am for registration. For further inquiries or questions, please contact the office as below.
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