Mito International Center

Mito International Center

外観The Mito International Center opened in April 1998 to deepen mutual understanding among a diversity of people from around the world, promote resident-driven international exchange activities, and contribute to the development of internationalization of Mito City.

To this end, the Mito International Center is carrying out the following projects:

  1. Promotion of international exchange with various cities overseas
  2. Support for international exchange activities of residents
  3. Lectures, courses, training, etc. on international exchange
  4. Support for foreign residents
  5. Collection and provision of information on international exchange
  6. Use of facilities
  7. Other projects required for achievement of the purpose of facilities

Outline of Facilities

Location 6-59 Bizen-cho, Mito
Scale and Structure 3-Story Reinforced Concrete Structure
Site Area 2.655.13 m2
Total Floor Area 2.817.16 m2
Parking Lot 41 cars
Management and Operation Mito City International Association
Opening Hours 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Closed Days Mondays
National Holidays (Except Saturdays. If a national holiday falls on a Monday, the center will also be closed on the following day.)
Year-End/New Year (December 29 - January 3)
The center may also be closed on a temporary basis due to equipment inspection, etc.

Background to the Opening of the Center

June 1994 The center was positioned as a development plan on international exchange within fourth the comprehensive plan of Mito City.
June - November
The Mito City International Exchange Promotion Committee discussed the whole concept and basic direction of international exchange in Mito City and reported the “Mito City International Exchange Promotion Outline”.
※“Mito City International Exchange Promotion Outline”
  • Target Fiscal Year: FY 2003
  • Basic Direction: - With an eye toward the creation of the international water and green city of Mito -
  • Basic Policies:
    1. Development of human resources
    2. Promotion of international exchange activities
    3. Urban renewal for internationalization and construction, operation, etc. of the Mito International Center
    4. 4. Improvement of promotion system, establishment, etc. of the Mito City International Association
March 1995 Establishment of the Mito City International Association
April 1998 Opening of the Mito International Center and enforcement of the Mito International Center Ordinance

Mito International Library

In December 2016, the "Mito International Library" opened as a new facility at the Mito International Center, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the sister-city affiliation of Mito City and Anaheim City.

The facility was constructed by the executive committee on the project commemorating the 40th anniversary of the sister-city affiliation and donated to Mito City with the aim of rewarding the multi-year campaign for international exchange projects in Mito City and promoting further development of international exchange.

In addition to holding books, etc. on Japan and other countries around the world, a memorial corner is permanently installed in the library to look back on the friendship with Anaheim City.

Library Q&A

What types of books are available?
Most of the books in the library are in English. In addition to these, books written in Japanese, Chinese, as well as French are also available. The library also has books introducing Japanese culture (flower arrangement, martial arts, Japanese cooking, origami, etc.) that are written in foreign languages, children’s books, and popular novels by Haruki Murakami and Keigo Higashino.
Can we borrow the books? Is everyone allowed to access the library?
Anyone can access the library to read books.
Regarding book loans (outside the center), high school students or older persons who are residents of the 9 municipals ※of the central part of the prefecture can register.
※The 9 municipals of the central part of the prefecture include: Mito City, Kasama City, Hitachinaka City, Naka City, Omitama City, Ibaraki Town, Oaraimachi and Shirosatomachi, and Tokaimura.
User Registration
Documents to verify identity (driver's license, health insurance card, passport, resident's card, etc.) are required.
Please fill in the "User Registration Application Form". After registration, a "borrower’s card" will be issued.
Borrowing Procedures
Please bring the book and "borrower’s card" to the library counter.
(※Only registered users can use the “borrower’s card”)
A maximum of 3 books may be borrowed at any one time. The loan period is two weeks.
Are there any events?
A “Saturday Salon Tea Party" is held in the library several times a year. Guest speakers are invited and after talking about their culture, participants can enjoy conversation with each other while drinking tea. In addition to this, we plan to organize storytelling sessions and book clubs using book available in our library and various events based on the theme of international exchange and cross-cultural understanding. Notification of events will be posted on our association website, Facebook, etc. It will be our pleasure to welcome you.

Access to the Mito International Center

By car
…1.7 km or about 5 minutes (about 25 minutes on foot) on Route 50 (for Kasama) from Mito Station
…1 km or about 3 minutes (about 15 minutes on foot) on Route 50 (for Mito Station) from Daikumachi
By bus
【From Mito Station North Exit Bus Station】
About 10 minutes by bus for Daikumachi, get off at the 4th bus stop “Izumicho 1 chome”, and continue 430 m on foot for about 6 minutes
【From Daikumachi】
About 5 minutes by bus for Mito Station, get off at the 3rd bus stop “Izumicho 1 chome”, and continue 530 m on foot for about 8 minutes.
From Daikumachi

  1. Turn right at the stoplight of Izumicho 1 chome on Route 50.

  2. Continue down the road along the left side.

  3. Turn right at the first stoplight.

  4. Across from the pink billboard (Curves).
From Mito Station

  1. Turn left at Keisei Department Store on Route 50.

  2. Go straight ahead.

  3. Across from the pink billboard (Curves).
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