Projects of the Association

Projects of the Association

Our association is carrying out projects having the following six features.

  1. International Exchange Project with Various Cities Overseas
    Friendship and goodwill are developed by actively encouraging the mutual dispatch of visiting groups and exchange of student ambassadors of friendship and youths between Anaheim City in the US which is the sister city of Mito City and Chongqing City in China which is our friendship city.
  2. Support for International Exchange Activities of Residents
    We provide support in facilitating the activities of international exchange volunteer organizations.
  3. Promotion of International Understanding of Residents
    Initiatives are promoted to deepen cross-cultural exchange and understanding including the provision of “International Understanding Courses” for residents to learn the culture, situation, food, etc. around the world and holding of “International Exchange Parties”.
  4. Support for Foreign Residents
    Various projects are carried out to deepen understanding of Japanese culture and Mito City for foreign residents of Mito City and surrounding areas including Japanese language classes, Japanese cooking classes, “Saturday Salon” where residents enjoy each other’s company, and “Disaster Prevention Courses for Foreign Residents”.
  5. 5. Information Provision
    In addition to publishing bulletins to announce and report projects and activities of the association (triannual) and daily life news for foreign nationals (Culture Pot Mito), the dispatch of information on international exchange is actively carried out through our association website and Facebook.
  6. 6. Management and Operation of the Mito International Center
    Management and operation of the Mito International Center are carried out under the designation of the designated administrator from Mito City.

Charter (1995)

The spectacular transportation and communication network development in recent years has brought about advanced information and internationalization and deepen interdependence in global-scale dimensions in all areas.
International exchanges have spilt over from country-level exchanges to city-level and grass-root level exchanges and born the aspect of diversification and our role as residents has been of increasing importance.
In this world, we need to acquire a global view and cosmopolitan way of thinking through contact between people-to-people and heart-to-heart, have the right notion of the current situation of various people, and deepen mutual understanding. These will lead to the peace and stability of international society.

Mito City holds the potential of a new flow of people, things, and information from the reduction of temporal distance with Tokyo and the New Tokyo International Airport by the improvement of the expressway network and further development of the Hitachinaka area. Tsukuba Science City, Hitachi City, Tokaimura, Kashimacho, etc. are situated in the vicinity of Mito City and the further enhancement of exchanges overseas in various areas and growing trend toward internationalization are> To deal with this, we need to advance resident-driven international exchanges tailored for internationalization, “with an eye toward the creation of the international water and green city of Mito” which is the very nature of>

From here onwards, we are establishing the Mito City International Association intended to contribute to the creation of local culture and regional revitalization with an eye toward the international city of Mito by introducing the originality and ingenuity of residents and private-sector initiatives, collaborating with private entities, etc. and promoting mutual understanding, friendship, and goodwill in the grass-root level in full respect of the individual initiatives of residents and private entities.


1995 March 28 Establishment of the Mito City International Association (Permission)
1998 November 29 Opening of the Mito International Center
2010 November 29 Application for Public Interest Corporation Authorization in Ibaraki Prefecture
2011 June 9 Report of the Public Interest Corporation Authorization by the Council on Public Interest Corporation, etc. of Ibaraki Prefecture
7月1日 Registration of the Establishment of the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Start of the "Public Interest Incorporated Foundation of Mito City International Association"

Organization (As of July 2011)


Information on Operation and Various Documents

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