To Foreign Nationals

To Foreign Nationals

The Mito City International Association is working to create a city that makes living easier for people with different national backgrounds, languages, and cultures. We provide practical tips for your daily life.

Guidebook of Daily Life

Guidebook of Daily Life for Foreign Residents - Mito

【For Use】
This is the guidebook of daily life for foreign residents living in Mito City.

Updated: March 2015

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Mito City


【Disaster Drill for FY 2010】

The Mito City International Association conducted a disaster drill in the case of major earthquakes and fires. Japan is a country where natural disasters such as typhoon, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis are likely to occur. It is crucial to prepare on a regular basis to prevent panic in the event of a disaster.

  • Date and Time: December 15, 2010 (Wednesday) 12:00 p.m.~
  • Place: Mito International Center
  • Details: Evacuation, fire drills, AED, CPR

【Distribution of the Guidebook of Daily Life and English Maps】

We distribute the Guidebook of Daily Life written in English and Japanese as well as an English map of Mito City.
Please ask for further details.
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【Implementation of Projects on Experiencing Japanese Culture for Foreign Nationals】 Testimonials from Foreign Residents

We will take feedback from foreign residents of Mito to be reflected in future projects.
We will take feedback from foreign residents of Mito to be reflected in future projects.
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【Dispatch of Japanese Language Volunteers for Children to Schools】

Volunteers are dispatched to schools to tutor children of foreign residents who need tutoring in Japanese language.
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【Japanese Language Volunteers for Children (Sekirei no Kai)】

Sekirei no Kai/Representative/Yoshimi Motegi

The “Revised Immigration Control Act” has been in effect since June 1990 and foreign nationals of Japanese ancestry have become qualified to acquire status of residence as permanent residents so foreign nationals have rapidly increased.

The name of the association is in tribute to the “white wagtail” so it was named “Sekirei no Kai”.

Volunteers go over to elementary and junior high school and conduct tutoring for the Japanese language and courses so that the children and students who came to Japan for various reasons can build a comfortable life in a different culture.

Foreign children and students feel out of place in a very different social environment and are living friendless, confused, stressed out, and very anxious due to climate and custom differences.

This Japanese language volunteer activity is very effective not only in Japanese language education but also in mental care. Seeing their glistening eyes when the children are gradually settled and motivated to learn or when they are emotionally accessible are our encouragement and delight.

Over the last 11 years, we have facilitated the learning of 142 children from 10 countries. And 10 of them could enter senior high school. Someday, they will bear the future of Japan so we ask for strong social and administrative support and cooperation so they are at ease and can live an enjoyable life.

Purpose Volunteer group to provide support in Japanese language to “children who do not use Japanese as their primary language”
Start Date of Activities February 1999
Operating Base Elementary and junior high schools of Mito City Mito International Center (※Summer vacation tutoring sessions and training sessions for Japanese language tutoring)
Activity Details ◇ Eligible Persons: Elementary and junior high school students of Mito City and children with foreign citizenship, children with Japanese nationality but who cannot understand the Japanese language for various reasons, or returnee children
◇ Style of class: One-on-one separate session class
Others ◇Every Thursday: Periodic meeting (Liaison and training sessions for Japanese language tutoring)
◇Participation in workshops on Japanese language education

【Fire drills for foreign nationals】

Fire drills were conducted for foreign nationals with a view for foreign residents to gain knowledge on disaster prevention including evacuation centers and extinguishing fires at the initial stage. In addition to the fire drills including an evacuation guidance drill, fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and descent from fire escape equipment drills, a workshop on AED and CPR was also conducted with the cooperation of instructors of the Mito Chiku Kyukyu Fukyu Kyokai (Mito First-Aid Promotion Association). In a simulated-based drill, participants earnestly undertook the tasks.

  • Date and Time: December 16, 2008 (Tuesday) 11:50 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
  • Place: Mito International Centerー
  • Participants: Foreign residents, Japanese language volunteers, employees (Total of 20 people)

Actual Drills

  • Drill with fire extinguishers

  • “Fire!” Extinguishing a fire at the initial stage

  • Drill with fire hydrants

  • “Turn on the water!”

  • Descent from fire escape equipment

  • CPR workshop

  • Practice using AED

  • Cardiac massage and artificial respiration

  • Determine whether someone is conscious and securing of the airway
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