【Nihongo-class】Japanese language program “Pre-Beginners class”

日本語(にほんご)が 勉強(べんきょう)できます
We offer Japanese Language Program for beginners


Japanese language program
“Pre-Beginners class”

~1st Period~ REGISTER NOW!
5月12日から 6月10日まで / From May 12th to June 10th
毎週水曜日と木曜日 / Every Wednesday and Thursday
午前10時~12時 / 10:00AM to 12:00PM 
〈10 time- course〉①May 12 ②May 13 ③May 19 ④May 20 ⑤May 26 ⑥May 27 ⑦June 2 ⑧June 3 ⑨June 9 ⑩June 10


日本語教室「日本語プレ初級クラス」Nihongo pure shokyu kurasu
Japanese language program “Pre-Beginners class”
We, Mito city International Association, offer Japanese language class for beginners at Mito International center. Please join us!
★For total beginners with no Japanese experience
★Taught by professionals qualified for Japanese teaching
★Studying basic and simple Japanese
【DATE】 May.12 to Jun.10,2021  Twice a week, Wednesday & Thursday
【TIME】10AM to 12PM (2 Hours), 10 sessions in total
【FEE】 Total 2,650 Yen; Tuition fee 1,000 yen + Textbook fee 1,650 yen
If you would like to study, please register at our center.
Please feel free to contact us for more details. Your informing your family or your friends of this program would be appreciated.

【申込み(もうしこみ)/For Registration】
Please fill in the Application form in advance.
申込用紙ダウンロード/ Download the formもうしこみしょ Application form

水戸市国際交流協会(みとし こくさい こうりゅう きょうかい)
Mito City International Association
〒310-0024 水戸市(Mito shi) 備前町(Bizenmachi) 6-59
E-Mail  :
休み(やすみ) /Closed on:
月曜日(げつようび)(Mondays)、祝日(しゅくじつ)(National holidays)

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