Saturday Salon

Saturday Salon

We, the Mito City International Association, organize a get-gathering for foreign and Japanese people, so called “Saturday Salon,” on the 2nd floor of the center building. At the gathering, you can talk freely on your favorite topic; hobby, work, daily live, or whatever you like. We hope to make it a place where people meet, share common interests, exchange information, and have a good time. It is held, in principle, on the second and forth Saturdays between 1:30pm and 3:00pm. You are more than welcome to hang around and enjoy chatting in Japanese or any other language.

In addition to the regular Saturday Salon, a special version “Saturday Salon Tea Party” will be also available three times a year. We invite a guest speaker who will first introduce the culture of his/her own country, and chatting will start afterwards among the participants over some refreshments. It’s a place for international exchange and global communication in a friendly environment. Please feel free to participate.

Please note that our Saturday Salon schedule is likely to change for some reasons. We advise you to check our website before visiting.

Saturday Salon
◆Time:    Every second and forth Saturdays, 1:30pm~3:00pm
◆Place:    Mito International Center, 2F, Lounge
◆Fee:       Free (No reservation needed)


Saturday Salon Tea Party (2nd Tea Party for 2018)
◆Time:    September 15, 2018, 1:30pm~3:00pm
◆Place:    Mito International Center, 2F, International library
◆Fee:       100yen (No reservation needed)


Saturday Salon Schedule  (Tentative)

Saturday Salon July 14 and 28,
August 11 and 25,
September 22
★Sat Salon Tea Party May 26 , September 15

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