Registration at the Government Office of Your City, Town, or Village

documentAlien Registration
A foreign national residing in Japan for more than 90 days are required to register with the city hall (town hall) in one's area of residence. The following are excluded.
  • A person who will leave Japan within 60 days such as a foreign national born in Japan or a person who will renounce one's Japanese nationality
  • A person whose status of residence is listed as "Diplomat" or "Official"
  • US or UN military or civilian employee in Japan and one's dependents
The application must be made in person. (The application for those under 16 years of age must be made by a household member.)
【Documents Required】
  • Alien registration application form
  • 2 photos
  • Passport
The Certificate of Alien Registration, which will be issued at a later date, is your ID. Please carry it in person at all times.

qI moved and my address changed. Should my Certificate of Alien Registration be changed?
aIn case any change has occurred in matters entered in your Certificate of Alien Registration including your address or name because of job relocation or marriage, an application for its registration shall be made during a specified period. (Registration of Alteration of Registered Items)
【Documents Required】
  • Application for registration of alteration of registered items
  • Document that proves the change
  • Certificate of Alien Registration

qI lost my Certificate of Alien Registration! What should I do?
a In case your Certificate of Alien Registration has been misplaced, stolen, or destroyed, an application for the reissue of a new one shall be made within 14 days of first knowing about the fact. In addition, it has been designated that a foreign national residing in Japan must carry one's Certificate of Alien Registration in person at all times and failing to comply with this could result in a punishment.
【Documents Required】
  • Application for issuance of the certificate of alien registration
  • 2 photos
  • Passport
  • ( Certificate of loss or theft )

qWhat is the "next confirmation (renewal) application period" written on the Certificate of Alien Registration?
a The confirmation application period is within 30 days of the 5th anniversary (in the case of a permanent resident or a special permanent resident, it shall be the 7th anniversary) of the foreign national's birthday, as commencing from the year whereon the registration was made. This is for confirmation of any change in the entry in the Certificate of Alien Registration and sort of a renewal procedure. An application for confirmation shall be made within the period listed here.
【Documents Required】
  • Application for confirmation of facts in registration
  • 2 photos
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Alien Registration

documentNational Health Insurance
This is a social insurance for covering some of your medical expenses in the treatment of disease or injury.
A person who is entitled to reside in Japan for one year or longer and who is not insured through one's place of employment.
When applying for your Certificate of Alien Registration, please bring your seal and apply for the National Health Insurance.

documentNational Pension Plan
All persons residing in Japan between the ages of 20 and 59 must subscribe to the national pension plan regardless of nationality.
The place for application varies according to the pension plan.
■National Pension Plan - city hall and its branches
■Employee Pension - place of employment

documentSeal Registration and its Certificate
A Seal Registration Certificate is required for contracts such as when purchasing a car.
【Documents Required for Registration】
  • The seal must be bigger than 8 × 8 mm and smaller than 25 × 25 mm.
  • Photo ID including the Certificate of Alien Registration or passport

documentNotification of Marriage
First, please make sure that the procedure of confirming marriage set by the country of both parties who are getting married is met. A couple legally becomes married in Japan when the Notification of Marriage, which is based on Japan's family registration law, is submitted.
【Documents Required (Foreign National)】
  • Certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage* and its Japanese translation
  • Proof of nationality (passport)
*For details, please contact your respective embassy or consulate.
A Japanese will not acquire foreign nationality or a foreign national will not acquire Japanese nationality by the marriage of a Japanese and foreign national.
As a spouse of a Japanese, anyone wishing to change one's visa status please notify the immigration office.

documentNotification of Birth
When a child is born, submit the notification of birth to the municipal office where the birth occurred or where the informant is registered within 14 days of birth.
【Documents Required】
  • Birth certificate
  • Maternity and child health handbook
  • Seal of informant

documentNotification of Death
Please report within 7 days of first knowing about the person's death (within 3 months of first knowing about the person's death when the death occurred abroad). There is no fee. The person who can conduct the procedure is a relative, member of household, landlord, etc.