policeCrime or accidentcall 110
For a police emergency, call 110.
Be calm and do not rush. You will be asked if it's a crime or an accident?

Please tell what happened, when and where, and your name.

fireFirecall 119
When there is a fire and you want to summon a fire truck, call 119.
When there is a fire, first shout "Kajida!" (Fire!) to your neighbors then call 119.
Be calm and do not rush.

Please tell where the fire is and your name.

hospitalEmergency/first aidcall 119
When someone has a serious injury or sudden illness and you need to be brought to a doctor's attention quickly, call 119.
Be calm and do not rush.

Please explain the situation such as when someone has sustained a serious injury or someone keeled over and is unconscious, where you want the ambulance to come, and your name.

Japan is prone to earthquakes. If you feel the tremor of an earthquake, take safety measures, which will secure your personal safety.
  • Secure your personal safety.
    Shelter under a table or desk. Get away from refrigerators or cupboards. Don't rush outside.
  • Put out the fire.
    After the earthquake tremor, turn off the stove, bath, etc. Turn off the stopcock of gas appliances.
  • Securing of an exit
    Open the door of the room and the front door and secure an escape route.
  • Accurate information
    On TV or radio, keep track of the earthquake disaster information as needed.
  • Watch out for an aftershock.
    After a strong earthquake, exercise caution because there are aftershocks.
  • Cooperate with immediate neighbors.
    When there is a fire, announce it with a loud voice and when you need help, call in your immediate neighbors' aid.
  • Don't slam on your breaks.
    When driving a car, avoid sudden breaking while slowing down and pull over to the left side of the road. When leaving the car, leave the key and don't lock the door.
  • Prepare for a tsunami.
    When you feel an earthquake at sea, be wary of the tsunami and head for higher ground. When there is no higher ground, head far from the sea as much as possible.

Telephone calls can't get through! What should I do?
  Disaster Emergency Message Dial ⇒ call 171

For Japanese,

For English,

When a disaster occurs, communication traffic to the disaster-stricken area increases and it is difficult to get through. Please use the Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) in such a case. A message can be recorded and that message can be played back.
From a mobile phone, there is also a disaster message board service using the Internet. (For details, please contact your mobile phone provider.)

  Multilingual Disaster Prevention Information Website

Japan Operation System of Emergency Information for Foreigners

Information on disaster prevention including an earthquake or typhoon can be viewed for free from a mobile phone or personal computer.

English, 中文, 한글, Portugues, Tagalog, Espanol,
Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, やさしいにほんご
  In case of emergency
When a strong earthquake occurs, buildings are damaged, electricity, gas, or water is cut off, and the simplest daily routine can be a challenge. Stock the necessary goods and prepare for the worst. Prepare for earthquakes.
Things to Prepare
・Bottles of water    ・Portable radio    ・Flashlight
・Edible food without the necessity of using water or fire    ・Emergency box
Prepackaged disaster kits are also sold. These can be purchased at home centers and over the Internet.

Application for Temporary Departure/Re-entry Permit, Application for an Extension of the Re-entry Permit's Period of Validity
When you apply for a re-entry permit before leaving Japan, you don't have to apply for a new visa upon re-entry.( Link to Residence Procedues Q&A Temporary Departure )
In addition, when you have already returned to your country and there is a chance of your re-entry permit expiring, apply for an extension of the re-entry permit's period of validity.
Procedure varies according to each situation. For details, contact the Immigration Bureau of Japan or the Embassy of Japan in each country.

Typhoons occur from summer to autumn and disaster may arise from their strong wind and heavy rain. If a typhoon occurs, avoid going out, pay careful attention to weather bulletins at a secure location, and when an evacuation advisory or directive is issued, prepare to evacuate.
  • Do you have anything out in your veranda or garden?
  • Did you close the shutters?
  • Do you have a flashlight, first-aid medicine, emergency food, and portable radio ready?

When you are a victim of damage caused by wind or flood
  Disaster Victim Certificate
When you are a victim of damage caused by wind or flood and intend to receive a reduction or postponement of tax payment, you need a disaster victim certificate.
Applications are accepted at the government office of your city, town, or village

Please report to a police station or police box.
When your bankbook and credit card is stolen (or lost), please report to the bank or credit card issuer and order a stop-payment.

In case of burglary
To report, immediately call the police at 110.
Until the police come, keep everything as it is.

otoshiLost property
Please report to a police station or police box. (Report of Loss)
When found, you will get contacted if you filed for a report of loss.
When you have lost property in a train, station, or department store, you are also encouraged to report it to management.