Guidelines For Applicants

  International Parties
We co-sponsor parties, where people can encounter, not only Japanese culture, but also foreign culture. Parties are held three times a year - August, September and December.
  Saturday Salon
We will hold Saturday Salon on the second floor of the Mito International Center every 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturdays (13:30-15:00) You can spend a wonderful time with our foreign guests. No reservations are needed. Just come to Mito International Center and feel free to join in.
☆We are looking for people who can introduce the culture or the latest information about your country. We are waiting for your participation.
  Experiencing Japanese Culture
  • Japanese Culture Experience and City Tour
    We guide foreign people to the places to experience traditional Japanese culture and public facilities in Mito. (October)
  • Ideas from Foreign People
    We solicit ideas from foreign people so that we can put their opinions into our programs. (October)
  • Japanese Cooking Class
    A class for teaching traditional Japanese dishes. (September,January)
  • Ski Tour
    Participants can experience the Japanese winter season by going skiing. (February)